Carry the Cross

Holy Week is not even a month out. Want to live it like you never have before?
Watch this little clip and imagine New Orleans!

Good Friday Cross Walk in New York City (2014)
Good Friday Cross Walk in New York City (2014)
I had the grace of bringing youth to carry the cross through Manhattan.
But we also fed the homeless, visited the sick, and lived the sacred liturgy
those days in a uniquely intense way.

This Holy Week, we'll be doing all this in New Orleans, and you and your
family shouldn't miss out on what might be the deepest experience of
Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection you've had in a long time -
very near to those He loves dearly: the poor, the desperate, the needy
in body and soul!

Young people between 15 and 21 will be full-time missionaries, staying
April 12-15 at Mater Dolorosa parish, NOLA. Families are also invited to
do day missions with them while arranging their own lodging
(the Hampton Inn even offered us a deal!)

Sign up now - or at least look at - the website
and see if it's not something you've been looking for!

Blessings in Christ,

Fr Gregory Usselmann (mission chaplain)
Shari Schexnayder (mission director)
Katie Tuttle (RC consecrated, mission coordinator)