Haiti Mission

In cooperation with Santa Total, Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church is in partnership with a courageous effort to bring healthcare in Jacksonville, Haiti.

Fr. Herb with Gabby Thelus right after mass
Bringing benches to Mass
Principal of school - says he needs a laptop
Fr. Herb visits the school
Kindergarten and first grade
The new clinic being built
The new clinic being built
Future clinic
The new clinic being built
Diabetes is the leading disease
Inside the Chapel
Ed Ready and Dr. Alison Smith with Jacsonville children
Ed Ready and Dr. Alison Smith on site of new clinic
Waiting to see the doctor
Mission house needs future work
Dr. CT Grayson, Capt., US Army treating a patient
Dr. Sue Rodgman filling out a medical chart
Mission house
Boys playing in front of mission house
Ed working on medical files
Our pharmacy
Community leader - Gabby
Our pharmacy
Dr. Julia McDonald treating a patient
Our pharmacy
Berto - The greatest driver
Inside the mission house
Fr. Herb meets a guard
Gabby Thelus opening up the clinic with a morning prayer
Haitian and proud
Off to market day
Market day
Big Ed is a big celebrity in the village